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Reset ink level for HP C6656A (HP56) or C6658A (HP58)

Posted on April 15, 2010 at 11:23 PM

When you haverefilled your cartridge, your job have not fully completed yet. Someprinters fail to work and claim that your cartridge is still empty,even though it’s full after you refill the cartridge.

The printer has its memory and remember the last cartridge you use.There are two ways to overcome this problem. First is to reset the inklevel of the cartridge as shown below, second is to use 2 sparecartridges. Note: These procedure may not work for some printers. Theprinter simply refuse to print alignment page when you cover thecontact with tape.

1. Put tape over Contact #1 as shown in the first picture above.

Put the cartridge back into the printer with the tape fixed on the cartridge.

2. The printer will print an alignment page. Once this has completed,continue with Step 3. If the printer does not print the alignment pagethen this procedure will not work for your printer.

3. After the printer has completed printing of the alignment page,open the cover, remove the cartridge and place a piece of tape overContact #2 as shown in the second picture on the left.

4. Put the cartridge back into the printer. The printer will print another alignment page.

After this page has been printed, remove the cartridge from the printer, remove all tape from both Contact #1 and #2.

Reinsert the cartridge back into the printer. Ink levels should read full now.

5. If the process does not work for you, make sure that no adhesiveleft stuck on the contacts of the cartridge. Any residue may cause thecartridge not to be recognized by the printer at all.

If you have cleaned the contacts with rubbing alcohol, go through steps 1-4 again, make sure each step is followed exactly.

Please help us to give your comments if these procedure work for your printer

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